There is no telephone landline in the Cub cottages or Gannets. Mobile phone reception is patchy.

Fire procedures

On arrival, the person in charge of the event should familiarize themselves and their group with the fire instructions displayed on wall. In particular they should be aware of how to raise the alarm, location of fire exits and firefighting equipment, evacuate people from the premises, know location of assembly point, keep up to date list of all participants and to summon the fire brigade.

Fire alarms / smoke detectors

The Cub cottage is fitted with battery operated smoke detectors and manual fire alarm bells are situated at the main exit doors of the cottage. The Gannets has a mains wired fire detection and alarm system in operation. To reset the smoke detector, follow instructions on the control panel. Code number required is 3224.

Evacuation routes/ assembly points

Posters displaying the fire exits and evacuation routes are on display in the properties. Evacuation assembly point at fence adjacent to beach in front of the property.

Summon fire brigade

Dial 999 state extent of fire and location.

Canty Bay, Tantallon Road, North Berwick, EH39 5PL

Fire fighting equipment

Extinguishers, fire blankets and buckets of sand are situated throughout the premises.Never put yourself at risk to fight a fire and ensure competency in use of equipment before attempting to extinguish fire.

Inform Evans Trust

In the event of any fire incident at Canty Bay please inform the Trustee in charge of the let or Chairman, Mr David Whitlie phone 0131 441 5865 or Mr Brian Wilson mobile phone 07976 725 407.

Site security

Leaders of groups are responsible for child protection issues and for ensuring the premises are kept secure. The gates should be kept closed when not in use to prevent strangers wandering into the grounds.
Keys will be available to collect and return at the property at the times arranged at booking.
Catering Groups hiring the facilities at Canty Bay will be entirely responsible for risk assessing and implementing good practice for the storage, preparation and serving of food to the members of their party. Caterers should be competent in their role.

Important Notes

Vandalism including graffiti is not tolerated. Group leaders are responsible for ensuring the premises are left in clean, tidy condition with all contents returned to original location. No smoking or consumption of alcohol or illegal drugs anywhere in the grounds or property.

All water and sewage flows into a septic tank. Check suitability of all cleaning chemicals before use. Products containing bleach should not be used.

Accident/Incident Log

A description of any accidents/incidents which occur should be recorded giving details of persons involved then dated and signed. This keeps a record for future reference and helps identify any problem areas in the premises or surrounding ground. Record on departure check list and inform Trustee when returning keys. In the event of any accident or incident of a serious nature it is essential to inform the Trust immediately. Contact trustee in charge of let or chairman Mr David Whitlie on 0131 441 5865.

Hospitals / doctors surgery

Royal hospital for Sick Children, Sciennes Road, Edinburgh, 0131 536 0000

A&E Royal Infirmary, Little France, Edinburgh,0131 536 1000

Doctors surgery 54, St Baldred’s Road, North Berwick, 01620 892 169


Should be kept bagged in wheelie bin outside cottage to prevent disturbance by wildlife then removed by users at the end of their stay.

On Departure

Please complete and return the departure check list with the keys. Ensure that all cleaning has been completed, all foodstuffs removed and that doors and windows are closed and secure. Fridge and freezer should be left switched on but the hot water heater switched off.

NOTE: A supplementary cleaning tariff of £30 per hour will be applied if the premises are left in an unclean condition at the end of a let.